AMMAR 808: North African Futurism !


A musical world filled with magical creatures, an inevitable ultra low TR-808 bass and fiercely aggressive beats paired by three strong Maghreb voices co-existing in an apocalyptic yet hopeful world ready for change …

AMMAR 808 & The Maghreb United – produced and developed by the acclaimed Tunisian producer Sofyann Ben Youssef – takes you into the dark realms of North African futurism, the full album will be released in April 2018 on the famed Glitterbeat Records label.

In AMMAR 808, Sofyann teams up with three exceptional singers of the Maghreb: Cheb Hassen Tej (Tunisia), Sofiene Saidi (Algeria) and Mehdi Nassouli (Morocco). AMMAR 808 exposes the illusion of both borders and separatism set by colonial forces, Maghreb United takes these roots and reinvents tradition and makes their crowds move to the pulsating ancient beats.

Stills from the visual world of AMMAR 808.
Material directed by Ahmed Ayed and filmed by Robin Montrau
Costumes by The Free Design Initiative